How to inject Nandrolone Phenylpropionate?

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is placed deeply intramuscularly in one of the large muscles. It is preferable to use the glutes, but you can also inject the steroid in the shoulders and thigh.

When injecting, make sure to relax the muscle so the pin can go through the skin smoother and easier.

Nandrolone is an oil-based steroid. NPP and Deca Durabolin can be mixed in the same syringe with any other oil-based steroid. However, you cannot mix an oil-based steroid with a water-based steroid. Water based steroids are suspensions such as Winstrol Depot and Testosterone Suspension. If injecting multiple milliliters in one syringe it is best to use the glutes as the injection site. The glutes are good for injecting up to 3cc at a time. Make sure to rotate between glutes and never do back to back injections in the same area. Smaller muscles like the delts are good for 1cc injections.

You can inject up to 2cc in the thigh, but this area is more prone to post injection pain and tenderness. Bodybuilders and athletes who have a bigger, broader frame and carry more muscle can inject more than the amounts we listed into their shoulders. The bigger the muscle, the easier the injection. As for the size of the syringe, many prefer to use a 3cc, 21-gauge, 1-inch syringe and needle. For some, this comes down to personal preference. Those who have more bodyfat will need to use a bigger needle to get deep into the muscle.

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